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Slitting Machine


2017  New Slitting Machine

The machine is suitable for slitting BOPP, PET, PVC, PE, aluminum foil, paper and other roll materials in the production process of the material according to the different needs trimming, slitting.

Performance and features:

An electrical braking system of the machine by the PLC centralized control, according to the slitting process requirements set by the touch screen slitting parameters, LCD display control of the state, the control system has to start buffering, parking locking meter meter fixed length function operation is very simple.

Unwinding tension control with automatic tension control system, so that the unwinding tension remains constant taper control according to process requirements. Corrective Japan the Sanqiao LPC photoelectric automatic correction system automatically "with edge" or "with the line" to ensure correct substrate material moving position.
, Raw material handling gas cap-axis clamping and hydraulic lifting of structure (lifting structure optional).


The main traction and rewinding by two vector control variable frequency drive. The winding tension according to the changes of parameters and the diameter of the winding the slitting process requirements set by the PLC automatic control digitized taper.

closing reel divided tension inflatable sliding closing reel, the slip force automatic control, multi-reel slitting adapt to uneven thickness of the material.


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