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Hot Selling Stainless Steel Wire Tubular Annealing Furnace

Wire range is from 5.5mm to 0.8mm,Temperature is 0--1000 degree ,Raw material is Stainless steel wires ,alloy wires , copper wire and Aluminum wire .
Wire range :
Temperature :
Raw material:
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                               Hot selling Stainless steel wire tubular annealing furnace


Stainless steel wire annealing furnace, is characterized by their simplicity, reliability and flexibility. Innovative features such as an exclusive, easy operating system and guarantee top quality finished products. The most importance is to save much more energy comparing to others.0123

Machine specification 


Machine body has good heat isolation to keep heat inside tube uniformly.

This machine is good to anneal stainless steel wire and low carbon wire for a good performance.

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Our company is a professional screen machinery manufacturing company with many years of experience in China. Our company focuses on the manufacturing and trading of various screen products and related machines.We have our own factory and professional r&d team to ensure the quality and strict testing of the products.For some machines, our market share is as high as 70%.All of our machines are in line with international quality standards and customers' needs and have been greatly appreciated in various markets around the world.So we are your wise choice and best friend.

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