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Grassland Fence Net Weaving Machine

Products used to produce cattle fence, grassland fence. Field fence machine adopts a frequency-adjustable-motor to drive the machine and uses a counter to calculate woven fence, easy operation.
Mesh hole :
Wire diameter :
Voltage :

  • Meirun

  • 8463300000


                                              Automatic Grassland Wire Mesh Netting Machine



The new type fixed knot fence machine is developed by our technical team .

 Mechanical production of wire mesh products have great advantages :

1.★ Grassland net fence is made of high-strength galvanized steel wire, with high strength and large pulling force. It can withstand the violent impact of cattle, horses, sheep and other livestock, and is safe and reliable. 2. ★★Steel wire, galvanized around the surface, other parts are taken anti rust and anti-corrosion measures, can adapt to harsh working environment, life up to 20 years. 3. ★★★The weft of woven net adopts wave rolling technology, which enhances the elasticity and buffering function, and can adapt to the deformation of thermal expansion and cold contraction, so that the net fence always keeps in a tight state. 4. ★★★★The utility model has the advantages of simple structure, convenient maintenance, short construction period, small volume, light weight, easy transportation and installation, ventilation and light transmission, and does not affect the terrain.

Machine specification 

Line wire spacing
120 mm (Multiple adjust)
Cross wire spacing
70-300 mm(Arbitrarily adjust)
Edge wire diameter
2.0-3.5 mm
Line wire diameter
1.6-3.2 mm
Knot wire diameter
1.6-2.5 mm
Production speed
32 Time /min
Line wire testing
Automatic stop lack of wire
Cross wire testing
Automatic stop lack of wire
Knot wire testing
Automatic stop lack of wire
Control system
PLC+touch screen
Wire material
Iron wire, Steel wire, Galvanized wire, etc
Fence height
Max 1560 mm
Max 1800 mm
Max 2400 mm
Line wire number
Max 14
Max 16
Max 21
Roll mesh length
30-100 meter
30-100 meter
30-100 meter
5000*2000*2600 mm
5000*2300*2600 mm
5000*2800*2600 mm
2800 kg
3200 kg
4500 kg


Machine component 


Product features and uses

The wire mesh structure is novel, firm and precise, the screen surface is smooth, the mesh is even, the integrity is strong, the toughness is big, does not close, antiskid, compression resistance and so on.✱ It is widely used in: zoo fence, construction site fence, captive poultry, slope greening, landscaping net, wildlife park, grassland, pasture and other fenced grazing places, especially in the pasture fence project, which can play a very important role in realizing rotational grazing and protecting grassland, and can also be used for precious flowers, forest, grassland, grassland, etc Isolation and protection of planting area.



Our company 

Our company is a professional screen machinery manufacturing company with many years of experience in China. Our company focuses on the manufacturing and trading of various screen products and related machines.We have our own factory and professional r&d team to ensure the quality and strict testing of the products.For some machines, our market share is as high as 70%.All of our machines are in line with international quality standards and customers' needs and have been greatly appreciated in various markets around the world.So we are your wise choice and best friend.

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