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3k Twill Carbon Fiber Fabric Making Machine

Carbon fiber weaving machine is specialized in production of two kinds of carbon fiber is carbon fiber bi-direction fabric, the other unidirection carbon fiber fabric.
Carbon fiber weaving machine is composed of the main machine, electric control system,adjusting degree of tightness machine and wire racks.
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Product Description

Carbon Fiber Weaving Machine 

Carbon fiber weaving machine is specialized in production of two kinds of carbon fiber is carbon fiber bi-direction fabric, the other unidirection carbon fiber fabric.
Carbon fiber weaving machine is composed of the main machine, electric control system,adjusting degree of tightness machine and wire racks.

Electric Motor: 
 1.5KW FOH-56-6, 2.0KW FOH-58-6, 960rotation/minutes 
Max. shaft rotation:
130-200 rotation/minute 
Weft yarn choice:
 mechanical control, six color 
Weaving shaft coil distance(mm):
Weaving shaft coil diameter(mm):
 550, 600 
Cloth Full Rolling Diameter(mm):
Warp Yarn Feeding: 
Auto feeding 
Weft Yarn Feeding: 
Auto feeding 
3875, 4180, 4380, 4680, 4880, 5180 
1857; Height:1640 
Weight of the Machine: 

1. High stiffness;
2. High tensile strength;
3. Low weight;
4. High chemical resistance;
5. High temperature tolerance;
6. Low thermal expansion;
7. High Young's modulus (i.e., high stiffness or resistance to extension under load);
8. High thermal conductivity

Port of machine

wire rack 

Tension machine

caebon fiber weaving machine 

Make products

Carbon fiber is a material consisting of fibers about510 micrometers in diameter and composed mostly of carbon atoms. It is woven into carbon fiber fabrics in unidirectional style and bidirectional style. The appearance of the fabrics generally depends on the linear density of the yarn and the weave chosen. Some commonly used types of weave are twill, plain and satin. Compared with traditional metals, carbon fiber fabric has many advantages such as high stiffness, high tensile strength, low weight, high temperature tolerance and low thermal expansion. These make the weight greatly reduced. Meanwhile, carbon fiber fabrics are compatible with various resin systems including epoxy, polyester and vinyl ester resins. 


1. Aerospace engineering: wing spars, fuselage components, wing box, airframes, micro air vehicles, etc.
2. Automotive engineering: high-end automotive racing monocoque chassis, wheels, frames, etc.;
3. Civil engineering: retrofitting or strengthening old or damaged structures such as bridges, building columns and so on;
4. Sporting goods: bicycle frames, crank arms, wheels, pedals, shoe soles and saddle rails, etc.;
5. Leisure goods: squash, tennis and badminton racquets, sport kite spars, high quality arrow shafts, hockey stick, fishing rods, surfboards and rowing shells, criket bats, etc.;
6. Other applications: laptop cases, audio components such as turntables and loudspeakers, musical instruments including violin bows, guitar pick-guards, drum shells, bagpipe chanters, kite systems, firearms, high-performance radio-controlled vehicle and aircraft components such as helicopter rotor blades, tripod legs, tent poles, walking sticks, etc.

Packing & Delivery

1.The spare parts and control cabinet will be loaded in wooden box.
2.The main machine is nude packing or plastic packing.
3.Also can do as customer's request.

Our Company

Our company:
Our company is a professional screen machinery manufacturing company with many years of experience in China. Our company focuses on the manufacturing and trading of various screen products and related machines.We have our own factory and professional r&d team to ensure the quality and strict testing of the products.For some machines, our market share is as high as 70%.All of our machines are in line with international quality standards and customers' needs and have been greatly appreciated in various markets around the world.So we are your wise choice and best friend.

Our service:
1.If the buyer need,we can send our technical staff to the buyers factory to install the machine and providing the training in 30 days after the machines arrived the destination pory
2.Maintenance period:One year for whole machine except vulnerable parts
3.The number of technical persons :one technician per machine
4.The fees:the buyer have to pay the technical salary 100 USD per day,and the round-trip tiket,accommodation and other related fees
5.During the maintenance period.if the parts are broken caused by the product problem.seller will offer the parts for free,if you need we assign the tachicians to your factory ,then you will pay some related fees.


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