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What are the classifications of the fence, do you know how to choose?

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Fence mesh classification

There are about 12 types of fences, including: frame fence, double wire fence, double ring fence, peach column fence, chain link fence, steel fence, barbed wire, zinc steel fence , Meg fence, hot-dip galvanized mobile fence, wave net (Dutch net), municipal guardrail. This issue of Xiaorui mainly introduces three categories: frame fence net, double wire fence net and double ring fence net.

Frame fence

The frame fence mesh refers to the fence mesh with a frame, which increases its rigidity and bearing capacity. Commonly used is the frame fence mesh used on the side of the highway, mostly green, with a 30-degree bend of 30 cm at the top to prevent climbing. Another type of frame guardrail used indoors is also called warehouse guardrail and workshop isolation net. The warehouse guardrail generally uses straight frame, and the color is mostly yellow. It plays a role in the warehouse or workshop.

The double-sided wire fence network means that the two sides of the mesh are more than one wire of the usual mesh vertical wire, which is convenient to connect with the column. It is the simplest kind of fence mesh in the fence net, generally green, and the outer shape is 1.8 meters. High, 3 meters long, low cost, simple installation, mostly used in highways, mountainous areas, enclosures, orchards, nurseries, etc.

Double-circle fences refer to the coils at both ends of the mesh, also known as the coiled fence mesh, which serves as a decoration and is suitable for gardens, parks, gardens and other places. The most beautiful in these three guardrails, the variety of colors, can be customized as needed.

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