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Chain Link Fence Machine

Chain Link Fence Machines welded of high-quality steel and channel steel with a PLC control system, so the frame of the machine will be more stable and stronger, and the height of the frame can be adjustable.
Easy operation and high-speed efficiency. We mainly have two models of machines: DP-25-80 (Double wire) and DP-20-100 (Single wire).
Wire Diameter (mm)::
Power (kW):
Wire opening:
Weight (KG):
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 Chain Link Fence Machine

  Chain Link Fence Machine is made of high-quality steel and channel steel material. So, the frame of the machine will be more stable and stronger. PLC control system, Easy operation and high-speed efficiency.We mainly have two models of machines: DP-25-80 (Double wire) and DP-20-100 (Single wire).



 Chain Link Fence Machine
Minimum Wire diameter
1.8 mm
Maximum Wire diameter
4.0 mm
Minimum mesh hole size
25 mm
Maximum mesh hole size
100 mm
Mesh width
500-3000 mm
Mesh side type
Knuckled and twisted(at one machine)
Production speed
80-180 m²/h
Machine weight
3000 KG
Machine Dimension
5500*2500*1700 mm
Raw material
Galvanized wire,PVC coated wire,Low carbon iron wire,etc.

Part of machine 


1. Weaving module: Single die double spiral wire feeding method, high output.

2.Soccer Field Chain Link Fence Making Machine are controlled by touch screen, famous brand electrical components. Easy to operate. Electrical appliances are durable and have a low failure rate.
About our main machine, we have adopted the Servo Motor(Delta, Panasonic, Housine) and Reducer. Work efficiency increased by three times, saving electricity and high output.

3.Automatic locking device

The machines can implement three types of automatic locking: Knuckled and twisted, or knuckle, or twisted.

4.  Automatic roll netting device

The machines are equipped with a rolling net device, which can reduce costs.



 Chain Link Fence Machine is one of the most widely accepted fence types in no matter residential or commercial applications.

The flexible and soft structure, corrosion and rust resistance surface, architectural colors, and easy installation features, all these make the chain link fencing more and more popular all over the world.



1. PLC control
2. Material feeding by servo motor
3. Single die single spiral
4. Automatically weaving mesh

Chain Mesh Fencing Wire Netting Machine  is very easy to operate and move, you can operate it very skillfully, and the price is very cheap and low noise,It is very suitable for home - type factories and cheap labor areas.It suitable for new partner.


Packing and delivery 


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