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Barbed wire mesh for prison wire

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The blade gill net is a kind of protective isolation net widely used in prisons in recent years. It can be used in the outer warning zone isolation network, the patrol road elevation isolation network, the inner 5 m warning zone isolation network and the various functional zone isolation networks. It is a new type of seine network that is more prominent in the field of defense. Below we introduce the specifications and technical requirements of a commonly used blade gill net, which is also the mainstream model used in prison.

First, the blade gill net isolation net mesh: width about 2500mm * height about 2250mm; divided into two layers of structure, the total height of about 4.5 meters; the ear and the ear between the upper and lower layers to ensure that the mesh is not deformed.

Second, the blade gill net isolation net mesh and wire diameter: high-purity alloy low carbon steel straight knife thorn ring: BTO-22 type, the core wire diameter 2.5mm. The knife length is 22mm, the knife width is 15mm, the thickness is 0.5mm, and the knife spacing is 35mm. The specification is about 60mm×120mm, the angle between the transverse rib and the vertical rib is 60 degree or 120 degree, the straight rib of the straight blade and the angle between the vertical rib and the frame are 60 degrees or 120 degrees; the transverse rib is 4.0mm + the longitudinal Ф4 .0mm.

Third, the blade gill net isolation net mesh fixed frame: 40 × 20 × 2.0mm galvanized square steel pipe. Add a square tube vertical scale to each mesh frame. The fixed frame and the welded net of the blade are welded by the square steel on both sides, the welded net of the blade is located in the middle line of the fixed frame, and the two welded square steel and the welded net of the blade are welded in the center of the fixed frame; the size of the connecting square steel is 15 mm×2.5 mm.

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